Donate your books 
to kids in need.

With Literati's donation program, you can give children in underserved communities the chance to fall in love with reading. When you find new Literati books to treasure, don't toss your box! You can use your empty Literati box and prepaid label to donate up to 5 gently-used books. Our volunteers will find new homes for them in communities that need your support.

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Classrooms, libraries, literacy programs, children's therapy centers, extracurricular reading adventures. Each Literati donation is an opportunity to inspire children who are in need a little bit of magic with new stories and new worlds to explore.

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How It Works

Your Literati box arrives. Celebrate new books!

Fill the empty box with books you've outgrown.

Use the prepaid mailer to send in your donations.

Our Partners 

At Literati, we're proud to partner with organizations that nurture young readers. We’ve donated more than 70,000 books to underfunded public schools, women and children’s care centers, and nonprofits that inspire kids to fall in love with literature. 

Looking to Partner With Us?

Tell us about your organization and the ways you share the magic of reading with the world. We'd love to hear! 

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